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WARNING:  Broco’s licenses from the Mauritius FSC were suspended on December 7, 2010.  On October 21, 2011, those licenses were revoked and Broco was ordered to disolve its business in Mauritius.  The revoked licenses continued to be displayed on Broco’s website until May of 2012.

June 2012 UPDATE:  Broco now has one branch licensed in Panama.  Clients wishing to have their funds under this branch need to contact Broco to make arrangements.  Click here for more details.

July 2012 Update:  There are two Traders Court guilty verdicts against Broco.  The third party recommends EXTREME CAUTION dealing with Broco.

警告: BrocoのライセンスからモーリシャスFSC濁月7日,2010年. 月21日2011年、免許取消、Brocoを命じられたdisolveの事業モーリシャスに拠点を持つ。 の取消しライセンスの継続に表示するBrocoサイトまでの2012年.

2012年月更新 Broco今のある子どもがいる 箸いΔ海箸狼た。 お客様にその資本支店連絡を取る必要がありBrocoる。 詳しくはこちら.

2012年月更新があり業者の裁判所で有罪評決対Broco. のを推奨 を細心の注意を払い 取り扱Broco.


The third party has seen information that indicates that Broco’s application for a Cysec license was rejected in July 2010.  One of the reasons for this rejection was an open SEC case against the company and some of its shareholders.  The SEC case info is at…

の海を見な情報を示すことBrocoの申Cysecライセンスが否決されたJuly2010. 理由の一つは、この拒絶反応の開放SECに対する事件について当社及び一部の株主 の場合の情報です。


July 2014:  Broco’s website us back up.  The third party recommends EXTREME CAUTION dealing with this company.

July 26, 2012:  The third party has recieved information indicating that Broco is shutting down.

月2014年:Brocoサイトに戻してくれます。 のを推奨 く際には、細心の注意を払 を扱う会社です。



The third party has heard a rumor that Broco’s branch in Cyprus has changed its name to VIS Technical Support.



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