(Boston Trading & Research, Craig Karlis, Ahmet Devrim Akyil)



SCAM ALERT: The SEC has brought forex fraud charges against Craig Karlis and Ahmet Devrim Akyil as well as BTRFX.

Click here to read what the SEC has to say about this company.

The third party warns all traders to not do business with this or any other company associated with Craig Karlis or Ahment Devrim Akyil unless these issues can be resolved.

本通知 には為替詐欺罪Craig Karlis、アフメットDevrim Akyilど BTRFX.


のを警告すべてのファンダメンタルズのないことおよびその他の当社の関連とクレイグKarlisはAhment Devrim Akyilない限りこれらの問題が解消されることがあります。


Website is down. One less scam company in business.
Webサイトです。 一度本の会社です。



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