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C7 Traders is on the Investor Alerts List of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. CLICK HERE to verify.

C7 Traders would like it noted that their main company is licensed in Vanuatu and says the warning is against some of their subsidiary companies.

The third party notes that the warning lists the website www.c7traders.com itself, as well as offices of C7Traders subsidiaries in Singapore, London, and Belize.  We hope C7Traders can work out their issue with the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

C7トレーダーは、投資家に通知リストのシンガポール通貨庁における. ここをクリック をします。


第三者への注意、警告リストのwebサイトwww.c7traders.com とともに、事業所のC7Traders子会社のシンガポール、ロンドン、ベリーズ. 今C7Tradersでその問題シンガポール通貨庁における.



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