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SCAM Confirmation

November 2017:  The third party would like to publicly thank Maduet for taking the time to gather information about MCI Investments.  His efforts showed that the company is claiming to be able to get bank loans to finance forex trading, but cannot provide any evidence from the bank to back up the existence of these loans.

MCI Investments appears to be nothing more than a recovery room scam aimed at luring in victims who have previously been scammed.

Until such time as MCI Investments can prove the legitimacy of these loans and of its ability to assist clients, the third party has no choice but to consider the compa ny to be a scam.

The third party warns all traders to not send any funds to MCI Investments.  If you have already placed money with the company, please try to withdraw it immediately.

SCAM Confirmation


日2017年に第三者のう公ざMaduetについてなどの情報収集はMCIの投資を行います。 彼の努力の結果によると当社が正確ではないことにご注意願できる銀行貸出への金融為替取引はできませんを提供する証拠から日本銀行のバックアップの存在。

MCIの投資が表示されるように 麌室で本を誘致に被災者のたscammed.


第三者に警告すべてのトレーダーを送信しない他の金MCI投資を行います。 すでに入金とは、会社にしてみてください退ちでした。



Other websites of this scam company appear to include


I D:906

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