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December 2017:  The third party has posted an open letter to the CEO of MexExchange.  This letter deals with a lawsuit threat from MexExchange against the third party for displaying factual connections between Mex companies and Ikon companies.  CLICK HERE to see the letter and evidence of these connections.

The third party questions the ethics of trying to hide facts by using legal threats. 

February 2019 Update:  This issue has been partially resolved.

月2017年に第三者が公開書簡のCEO MexExchange. この手紙を扱訴訟の脅威からMexExchang eに対する第三者に表示する事実関係Mex企業Ikon企業です。 ここをクリック を書及び証拠これらに接続します。




2016:  There have been two more instances of forums abuse from MEXGroup. CLICK HERE to see the first one and CLICK HERE to see the second.

The third party is sad to see that the bad behavior started under IKON has continued with MEx Group.

2016年もこうした活動を通じて培ったりのインスタンスフォーラムの虐待からMEXGroup. ここをクリック の第一は、 ここをクリック に。



October 2010-October 2013:  Multiple Spamming Incidents in the third party’s forums by Ikon employees.

October 2014:  Ikon Fx has contacted the third party and promises to keep employees from committing any further abusive actions.


2014:Ikon Fxは連絡を第三者との約束を守従業員からの不注意により更なる濫用的な行動します。


October 2010: Another branch of the Ikon companies, Ikon GM, was fined by the NFA for using a virtual dealer plugin to cheat traders.  Click here for details.
2010年、もうひとつの支店のIkon会社Ikon GM、罰金によるNFAを用いた仮想ディーラーのプラグインチのトレーダー. 詳細はこちら.



Other websites of this company include (Australia), (Europe), (Hong Kong), and

IBs include


他のウェブサイトのことが含まれます オーストラリア英 国(ヨーロッパ)、香港)、




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