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CAUTION: There are now two Traders Court guilty verdicts against Yadix.  The third party recommends an extremely high level of caution dealing with this company unless these issues can be resolved.

注意: 現在では二つのトレーダーの裁判所で有罪評決対Yadix. 第三者への勧告 は非常に高い注意 を扱うこの会社のない限りこれらの問題が解 辰気譴襪海箸あります。


NOTICE:  The third party received a complaint from a trader who claimed to be using the third party’s Forex News Gun software with Yadix.  The trader reported his trades were cancelled on the basis of being abusive. 

に第三者が受けた苦情から業者の請求に使用する第三者の為のニュースガンソフトウェアYadix. 業者に報告してい取引が 中止に追い込まれたということに基づいて濫用的な.


January 2016 Update:  Yadix has issued a press release saying that their Scalper type accounts now accept EAs, Forex News Gun, and similar software.  CLICK HERE to verify.

When questioned why the trader who complained about having Forex News Gun Trades cancelled was not reimbursed, Yadix’s representative replied…

…we are not in a position to reveal those reasons (due to confidentiality agreements), further we have committed to disclose the outcome of the arbitration process once completed.

The third party would like to note that the arbitration process Yadix asks clients to adhere to requires the client filing an arbitration complaint to pay some significant fees.  Reaching the point of the first hearing will cost a minimum of $1550.

2016年月更新:Yadixいてプレスリリースを発表いるScalperタイプの口座に受け入れEAs、Fxニュース郡と同様のソフトウェアです。 ここをクリックの確認.



第三者がいるという点に注意すること仲裁セYadix求めのお客様へのア出願は、仲裁申立の支払いくつかの重要な料金です。 は第一審の費用、最低$1550.



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